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The Ethical Turn of the Self and Other: Global Alterity and Ethnic Transformation in Homebody/Kabul

Ivy I-Chu Chang

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In the post-9/11 theater, Tony Kushner’s Homebody/Kabul is considered the most representative play. With an analysis on Homebody/Kabul, this article will discuss the postcolonial encounter between the imperialist eye and the Islamic other and also investigate how Kushner combines history, personal memories, and the polyglot linguistic practices to stage the stories of refugees and immigrants. Employing such politics as “the personal is the political,” Kushner’s narrative shuttles back and forth the First World and the Third World, enacting the collective memories and the personal experience of the global alterity and the local ethnicity. In addition to discussing the socio-political context of the production of this play, this article will employ Lévinas’ notion of radical alterity, linguistic practice, and absence to explore the dialectics between the past and the present, between history and catastrophe, in search of the ethical transformation of self/other, and the colonizer/the colonized.

Keywords : terrorism, globalization, political drama, ethics
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