Type / Thesis

Synchronic Spectaculum: Mola Narrative in Spiderwoman Theater Sun, Moon and Feather

Yi-Jou Lo

Page / 83-112


Inspired by the tribal quilt, mola, in Kuna, Panama, this paper contemplates the possible inter-playing between mola quilting and Spiderwoman Theater’s story weaving by means of a study of one of Spiderwoman Theater’s plays, Sun, Moon and Feather. This paper, firstly, examines the construction of mola with the focus on its special technique, reverse appliqué. It then analyzes the inter-weaving among reverse appliqué, the indigenes’ story weaving and the progress of civilization. It argues, in light of the understanding of the reverse appliqué and its implicit vitality of mola, the plot arrangement, multiple perspectives and multi-media arrangement on stage in Sun, Moon and Feather have co-constructed a spectacular/synchronic stage.

Keywords : Mola, Reverse Appliqué, Spiderwoman Theater, Sun, Moon and Feather, Synchronicity
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