The Challenge of World Literary History(12/13台大校史館外文系會議室)

    類別: 學術演講

Title:The Challenge of World Literary History
Speaker: Prof. Longxi Zhang張隆溪教授(Chair Professor, City University of Hong Kong)
Moderator: Prof. Hsien-Hao Liao廖咸浩教授 (Professor, National Taiwan University)
Time: 10:20 am. ~ 12:10 pm, Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Venue: DFLL Conference Room, Gallery of University History (校史館外文系會議室)

The writing of history has encountered many challenges in theoretical discussions, and literary history in particular has been questioned and met with proposals of revisions and alternatives. An additional question arises when we move beyond national literary history to world literary history, and certainly from world history to global history with comparative interest in patterns, themes, literary modes or systems. This paper will try to make sense of the various concepts and theoretical positions involved in these discussions and propose a way to write literary history that will contribute to our understanding of literature from a global perspective.

About the speaker:
Longxi Zhang is a leading scholar in East-West cross-cultural studies. He holds an MA from Peking University and a Ph. D. from Harvard. He had taught at Peking, Harvard, and the University of California, Riverside, and is currently President of International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA). He is an elected foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, and also of Academia Europaea. He is on the Executive Council of the International Comparative Literature Association; co-editor of two book series for Brill, a member of the editorial boards of Modern China, Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Journal of Chinese Literature and History and an Advisory Editor of New Literary History. His research interests are East-West cross-cultural studies, Chinese literature, European literature of the Renaissance and the seventeenth century, and world literature. He has published numerous books, book chapters, and journal articles in both English and Chinese.

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
National Taiwan University
Tel: 02 3366 3208

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